Welcome to the GUIDE-M Wiki

The “Guideline Implementability for Decision Excellence-Model (GUIDE-M) is composed of intrinsic guideline components that play a role in optimizing the implementability of practice guidelines (PGs).

“Improving the intrinsic components of PGs to increase their quality, acceptability, and ability to drive action is viewed as a cost-effective, feasible, and impactful approach to improve the uptake of PG recommendations” (Brouwers, 2015). Through the GUIDE-M we aim to provide a common structure and nomenclature to facilitate communication and advancement about guideline implementability among the international guideline community.

Contributing to the GUIDE-M Wiki
Through the ”GUIDE-M Wiki”, we offer the opportunity for the international practice guideline community to provide feedback on the current version of GUIDE-M.

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We encourage our Wiki Users to share their comments about the following based on their expertise, knowledge and experiences:

  • Organization - i.e., how the Model is structured, component groupings, layout, etc.
  • Comprehensive - i.e., are any components missing, etc.
  • Usability - i.e., is the Model useful for your PG development and/or research activities, etc.
  • General Comments, Revisions - ie., share your suggestions, comments, and feedback about the Model

Additional activities available though the GUIDE-M Wiki: